"Toward an ion-photon quantum interface in an optical cavity“

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A. Stute, B. Casabone, B. Brandstätter, D. Habicher, H. G. Barros, P. O. Schmidt, T. E. Northup and R. Blatt,


Applied Physics B
June 2012, Volume 107, Issue 4, pp 1145-1157
DOI 10.1007/s00340-011-4861-0

We demonstrate several building blocks for an ion–photon interface based on a trapped 40Ca+ ion in an optical cavity. We identify a favorable experimental configuration and measure system parameters, including relative motion of the trapped ion and the resonator mode. A complete spectrum of cavity-assisted Raman transitions between the 42S1/2 and 32D5/2 manifolds is obtained. On two of these transitions, we generate orthogonally polarized cavity photons, and we demonstrate coherent manipulation of the corresponding pair of atomic states. Possible implementations of atom-photon entanglement and state mapping within the ion-cavity system are discussed.