Tomography of photon-number resolving continuous-output detectors

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Peter C. Humphreys,1 Benjamin J. Metcalf,1 Thomas Gerrits,2 Thomas Hiemstra,1 Adriana E. Lita,2 Joshua Nunn,1 Sae Woo Nam,2 Animesh Datta,1 W. Steven Kolthammer,1 and Ian A. Walmsley



We report a comprehensive approach to analysing continuous-output photon detectors. We em- ploy principal component analysis to maximise the information extracted, followed by a novel noise- tolerant parameterised approach to the tomography of PNRDs. We further propose a measure for rigorously quantifying a detector’s photon-number-resolving capability. Our approach applies to all detectors with continuous-output signals. We illustrate our methods by applying them to experimental data obtained from a transition-edge sensor (TES) detector.