Single-layer graphene on silicon nitride micromembrane resonators

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Silvan Schmid, Tolga Bagci, Emil Zeuthen, Jacob M. Taylor, Patrick K. Herring, Maja C. Cassidy, Charles M. Marcus, Luis Guillermo Villanueva, Bartolo Amato, Anja Boisen, Yong Cheol Shin, Jing Kong, Anders S. Sørensen, Koji Usami and Eugene S. Polzik


J. Appl. Phys. 115, 054513 (2014)

Due to their low mass, high quality factor, and good optical properties, silicon nitride (SiN) micromembrane resonators are widely used in force and mass sensing applications, particularly in optomechanics. The metallization of such membranes would enable an electronic integration with the prospect for exciting new devices, such as optoelectromechanical transducers. Here, we add a single-layer graphene on SiN micromembranes and compare electromechanical coupling and mechanical properties to bare dielectric membranes and to membranes metallized with an aluminium layer. The electrostatic coupling of graphene covered membranes is found to be equal to a perfectly conductive membrane, without significantly adding mass, decreasing the superior mechanical quality factor or affecting the optical properties of pure SiN micromembranes. The concept of graphene-SiN resonators allows a broad range of new experiments both in applied physics and fundamental basic research, e.g., for the mechanical, electrical, or optical characterization of graphene.