Scalable reconstruction of unitary processes and Hamiltonians

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2014-12-08 - 2015-04-29

M. Holzäpfel, T. Baumgratz, M. Cramer, and M. B. Plenio


Phys. Rev. A 91, 042129

Based on recently introduced efficient quantum state tomography schemes, we propose a scalable method for the tomography of unitary processes and the reconstruction of one-dimensional local Hamiltonians. As opposed to the exponential scaling with the number of subsystems of standard quantum process tomography, the method relies only on measurements of linearly many local observables and either (a) the ability to prepare eigenstates of locally informationally complete operators or (b) access to an ancilla of the same size as the to-be-characterized system and the ability to prepare a maximally entangled state on the combined system. As such, the method requires at most linearly many states to be prepared and linearly many observables to be measured. The quality of the reconstruction can be quantified with the same experimental resources that are required to obtain the reconstruction in the first place. Our numerical simulations of several quantum circuits and local Hamiltonians suggest a polynomial scaling of the total number of measurements and post-processing resources.