Scalable Reconstruction of Density Matrices

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2012-07-06 - 2013-07-11

T. Baumgratz, D. Gross, M. Cramer and M.B. Plenio


Physical Review Letters 111, 020401 (2013)

Recent contributions in the field of quantum state tomography have shown that, despite the exponential growth of Hilbert space with the number of subsystems, tomography of one-dimensional quantum systems may still be performed efficiently by tailored reconstruction schemes. Here, we discuss a scalable method to reconstruct mixed states that are well approximated by matrix product operators. The reconstruction scheme only requires local information about the state, giving rise to a reconstruction technique that is scalable in the system size. It is based on a constructive proof that generic matrix product operators are fully determined by their local reductions. We discuss applications of this scheme for simulated data and experimental data obtained in an ion trap experiment.