Real-space renormalization yields finite correlations

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Thomas Barthel, Martin Kliesch, and Jens Eisert


Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 010502 (2010)

Real-space renormalization approaches for quantum lattice systems generate certain hierarchical classes of states that are subsumed by the multiscale entanglement renormalization Ansatz (MERA). It is shown that, with the exception of one spatial dimension, MERA states are actually states with finite correlations, i.e., projected entangled pair states (PEPS) with a bond dimension independent of the system size. Hence, real-space renormalization generates states which can be encoded with local effective degrees of freedom, and MERA states form an efficiently contractible class of PEPS that obey the area law for the entanglement entropy. It is further pointed out that there exist other efficiently contractible schemes violating the area law.