Quantum Walks With Neutral Atoms: Quantum Interference Effects of One and Two Particles

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Carsten Robens, Stefan Brakhane, Dieter Meschede, Andrea Alberti


Proceedings of the XXII International Conference ICOLS (2015)

We report on the state of the art of quantum walk experiments with neutral atoms in state-dependent optical lattices. We demonstrate a novel state-dependent transport technique enabling the control of two spin-selective sublattices in a fully independent fashion. This transport technique allowed us to carry out a test of single-particle quantum interference based on the violation of the Leggett-Garg inequality and, more recently, to probe two-particle quantum interference effects with neutral atoms cooled into the motional ground state. These experiments lay the groundwork for the study of discrete-time quantum walks of strongly interacting, indistinguishable particles to demonstrate quantum cellular automata of neutral atoms.