Quantifying entanglement with scattering experiments

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O. Marty, M. Epping, H. Kampermann, D. Bruß, M.B. Plenio and M. Cramer


Physical Review B 89, 125117 (2014)

We show how the entanglement contained in states of spins arranged on a lattice may be quantified with observables arising in scattering experiments. We focus on the partial differential cross-section obtained in neutron scattering from magnetic materials but our results are sufficiently general such that they may also be applied to, e.g., optical Bragg scattering from ultracold atoms in optical lattices or from ion chains. We discuss resonating valence bond states and ground and thermal states of experimentally relevant models--such as Heisenberg, Majumdar-Ghosh, and XY model--in different geometries and with different spin numbers. As a by-product, we find that for the one-dimensional XY model in a transverse field such measurements reveal factorization and the quantum phase transition at zero temperature.