An optimization library for evaluating convex-roof entanglement measures

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B. Roethlisberger, J. Lehmann, and D. Loss


Comput. Phys. Comm. 183, 155

We present the software library libCreme which we have previously used to successfully calculate convex-roof entanglement measures of mixed quantum states appearing in realistic physical systems. Evaluating the amount of entanglement in such states is in general a non-trivial task requiring to solve a highly non-linear complex optimization problem. The algorithms provided here are able to achieve to do this for a large and important class of entanglement measures. The library is mostly written in the Matlab programming language, but is fully compatible to the free and open-source Octave platform. Some inefficient subroutines are written in C/C++ for better performance. This manuscript discusses the most important theoretical concepts and workings of the algorithms, focusing on the actual implementation and usage within the library. Detailed examples in the end should make it easy for the user to apply libCreme to specific problems.