Noise spectrum of a quantum dot-resonator lasing circuit

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J. Jin, M. Marthaler, P. Q. Jin, D. S. Golubev, and G. Schön


arXiv:1210.5698 [cond-mat.mes-hall]

Single-electron tunneling processes through a double quantum dot can induce a lasing state in an electromagnetic resonator which is coupled coherently to the dot system. Here we study the noise properties of the transport current in the lasing regime, i.e., both the zero-frequency shot noise as well as the noise spectrum. The former shows a remarkable super-Poissonian behavior when the system approaches the lasing transition, but sub-Poissonian behavior deep in the lasing state. The noise spectrum contains information about the coherent dynamics of the coupled dot-resonator system. It shows pronounced structure at a frequency matching that of the resonator due to the excitation of photons. For strong interdot Coulomb interaction we find asymmetries in the auto-correlation noise spectra of the left and right junctions, which we trace back to asymmetries in the incoherent tunneling channels.