Heralded Control of Mechanical motion by Single Spins

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D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao, S. Ali Momenzadeh, Jörg Wrachtrup


arXiv:1605.06812 [quant-ph]

We propose a method to achieve high degree control of nanomechanical oscillators by coupling their mechanical motion to single spins. By manipulating the spin alone and measuring its quantum state heralds the cooling or squeezing of the oscillator even for weak spin-oscillator couplings. We analytically show that the asymptotic behavior of the oscillator is determined by a spin-induced thermal filter function whose overlap with the initial thermal distribution of the oscillator determines its cooling, heating or squeezing. Counterintuitively, the rate of cooling dependence on the instantaneous thermal occupancy of the oscillator renders robust cooling or squeezing even for high initial temperatures and damping rates. We further estimate how the proposed scheme can be used to control the motion of a thin diamond cantilever by coupling it to its defect centers at low temperature.