Emergent Fermi Sea in a System of Interacting Bosons

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Ying-Hai Wu and Jainendra K. Jain



An understanding of the possible ways in which interactions can produce fundamentally new emergent many-body states is a central problem of condensed matter physics. We ask if a Fermi sea can arise in a system of bosons subject to contact interaction. Based on exact diagonalization studies and variational wave functions, we predict that such a state is likely to occur when a system of two-component bosons in two dimensions, interacting via a species independent contact interaction, is exposed to a synthetic magnetic field of strength that corresponds to a filling factor of unity. The fermions forming the SU(2)-singlet Fermi sea are bound states of bosons and quantized vortices, formed as a result of the repulsive interaction between bosons in the lowest Landau level.