Edge theories in Projected Entangled Pair State models

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S. Yang, L. Lehman, D. Poilblanc, K. Van Acoleyen, F. Verstraete, J.I. Cirac, N. Schuch


Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 036402 (2014)

We study the edge physics of gapped quantum systems in the framework of Projected Entangled Pair State (PEPS) models. We show that the effective low-energy model for any region acts on the entanglement degrees of freedom at the boundary, corresponding to physical excitations located at the edge. This allows us to determine the edge Hamiltonian in the vicinity of PEPS models, and we demonstrate that by choosing the appropriate bulk perturbation, the edge Hamiltonian can exhibit a rich phase diagram and phase transitions. While for models in the trivial phase any Hamiltonian can be realized at the edge, we show that for topological models, the edge Hamiltonian is constrained by the topological order in the bulk which can e.g. protect a ferromagnetic Ising chain at the edge against spontaneous symmetry breaking.