Dipolar spin models with arrays of superconducting qubits

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M. Dalmonte, S.I. Mirzai, P.R. Muppalla, D. Marcos, P. Zoller, G. Kirchmair


Phys. Rev. B 92, 174507 (2015).

We propose a novel platform for quantum many body simulations of dipolar spin models using current circuit QED technology. Our basic building blocks are 3D Transmon qubits where we use the naturally occurring dipolar interactions to realize interacting spin systems. This opens the way toward the realization of a broad class of tunable spin models in both two- and one-dimensional geometries. We illustrate the potential offered by these systems in the context of dimerized Majumdar-Ghosh-type phases, archetypical examples of quantum magnetism, showing how such phases are robust against disorder and decoherence, and could be observed within state-of-the-art experiments.