Cavity-Based Single Atom preparation and High-Fidelity Hyperfine State Readout

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R. Gehr, J. Volz, G. Dubois, T. Steinmetz, Y. Colombe, B.L. lev, R. Long, J. Estève, J. Reichel


Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 203602 (2010)

We prepare and detect the hyperfine state of a single 87Rb atom coupled to a fiber-based high-finesse cavity on an atom chip. The atom is extracted from a Bose-Einstein condensate and trapped at the maximum of the cavity field, resulting in a reproducibly strong atom-cavity coupling. We use the cavity reflection and transmission signal to infer the atomic hyperfine state with a fidelity exceeding 99.92% in a readout time of 100  μs. The atom is still trapped after detection.