Breakdown of atomic hyperfine coupling in a deep optical-dipole trap

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Andreas Neuzner, Matthias Körber, Stephan Dürr, Gerhard Rempe, Stephan Ritter


Phys. Rev. A 92, 053842 (2015)

We experimentally study the breakdown of hyperfine coupling for an atom in a deep optical-dipole trap. One-color laser spectroscopy is performed at the resonance lines of a single 87Rb atom for a trap wavelength of 1064 nm. Evidence of hyperfine breakdown comes from three observations, namely, a nonlinear dependence of the transition frequencies on the trap intensity, a splitting of lines which are degenerate for small intensities, and the ability to drive transitions which would be forbidden by selection rules in the absence of hyperfine breakdown. From the data, we infer the hyperfine interval of the 5P1/2 state and the scalar and tensor polarizabilities for the 5P3/2 state.