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Solid state systems for quantum information processing
Prof. Göran Wendin


Chalmers University of Technology SE-412 96 Göteborg
51° 56' 46.8564" N, 4° 22' 53.3748" E
Running time: 
2010-02-01 - 2013-09-30


The SOLID project will develop small solid-state hybrid systems that are capable of performing elementary processing and communication of quantum information. This involves the design, fabrication and investigation solid state qubits, oscillators, cavities and transmission lines that can be combined to create hybrid devices.  Such systems interface and connect different types of qubits for quantum data storage, qubit interconversion, and quantum communication.

The major outcomes of SOLID will be:

  • The development of meso- and nanoscale solid-state systems to be used as qubits 
  • The interconnection of these systems using fixed or tunable microwave cavities and optical nanophotonic resonators.
  • The development of hybrid systems and devices that open up new perspectives for the processing, storage and communication of quantum information.

The overall scientific goal of SOLID is to design, fabricate, characterise, combine, and operate solid state quantum coherent registers with 3-8 qubits.    These systems should be inherently scalable hybrid devices, they should communicate via quantum interfaces, allow coherent control of quantum states and facilitate high-fidelity readout.  The concepts developed and experiments performed will open the way toward the implementation of algorithms and protocols.

As described in the workpackages section, the research performed within SOLID is placed within one of eight complementary workpackages:

  • WP1 - Josephson Junction qubits
  • WP2 - Semiconductor quantum dot qubits
  • WP3 - Spin qubits in diamond
  • WP4 - Hybrid devices and quantum interfaces
  • WP5 -Solid state quantum technologies
  • WP6 - Dissemination, training and integration
  • WP7 - Assessment of systems integration and operation

SOLID is an intrinsically cross-disciplinary solid-state project involving groups working with superconductors, semiconductors and insulators.   To ensure that truly hybrid systems are developed and explored, the workpackages in SOLID are focussed on each of three groups of major solid-state qubits (WP1-3), to connect these to a workpackage (WP4) focussing on interfaces and hybrid devices, and then to WP5addressing applications for quantum technologies. The role of WP6 is to promote the role of SOLID as a hub in a European and global network for solid-state QIP, whilst, WP7 assesses the SOLID progress and provides frequent feedback for corrective actions.


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