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Qubit Applications
Professor Ian Walmsley


University of Oxford
Parks Road
OX1 3PU Oxford
United Kingdom
51° 45' 30.9636" N, 1° 15' 24.534" W
Running time: 
2005-11-01 - 2009-10-31

We will focus our work on qubit applications that are based on physically realized photonic, atomic and solid-state systems. We will design, build and operate quantum memories that allow us to store and deterministically retrieve information encoded in quantum systems.

We will develop scalable quantum networks and operational prototypes of quantum repeaters that would allow us to transmit quantum entanglement over large distances (even in a free space the ultimate goal is to design prototypes for satellite communications based on quantum entanglement). Utilizing quantum entanglement between polarization states of photons we will develop feasible quantum measurement techniques in biophysics, life sciences and optoelectronics.

We will develop operational demonstrations of efficient control of dynamics of few-qubit quantum systems. These systems will be employed for performing quantum simulations. We will develop a commercial product, a toolkit for the demonstration of entanglement, for use in laboratory courses at Universities. On one side theoretical studies will stimulate experimental investigations and will serve for a detailed description of a given experimental situation. We will also develop new quantum algorithms and protocols for quantum commerce. We will develop benchmarks for testing quantum systems.

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