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Full Name: 
Quantum InterfacES, SENsors, and Communication based on Entanglement
Dr. Konrad Banaszek


University of Warsaw
Hoza 69
00-681 Warszawa
52° 13' 27.9444" N, 21° 0' 23.382" E
Running time: 
2010-02-01 - 2013-04-30

Quantum InterfacES, SENsors, and Communication based on Entanglement (Q-ESSENCE) Integrating Project will aim at

  • Development of quantum interfaces capable of high-fidelity mapping of quantum information between different quantum systems
  • Generation of quantum entanglement at new scales and distances as a resource to carry out quantum information tasks
  • Engineering multipartite entanglement in specific topologies of elementary systems

These accomplishments will create manifold opportunities in quantum information technologies that will be captured by Q-ESSENCE to develop realistic and complete schemes for executing ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tasks.

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