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A Guided Matter-Wave Interferometer on a Atom-Chip
Dr Wolf von Klitzing
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2013-02-01 - 2017-01-31

The ultimate aim of the proposed research is to make ultra-sensitive matter-interferometry available in a compact and eventually portable device. Specifically, we seek to test the ideas in a guided matter-wave interferometer based on ultracold bosonic atoms. We will explore matter-wave interferometry in macroscopic traps as well as on atom-chips. Such device has the potential to induce a step change in the sensitivity with which acceleration and rotation can be measured. The expected impact extends well beyond fundamental research, for example to geoscience and navigation.

En route to the ultimate goal of a portable matter-wave interferometer, we hope to break new ground in the understanding of important aspects of matter-wave interferometry with interacting atomic gases. We will strive to master the coherence preserving manipulation of matter-waves in wave-guides and the miniaturisation eventually down to the size of a microchip. In addition, we will address the challenge of combining all these ingredients in a mobile device.