Photon generation in an electromagnetic cavity with a timedependent boundary

2011-05-02 - 2011-05-06

P. Delsing

5th Feynman Festival and 12th Int. Conf. on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations, Iguaçu, Brazil

We report the observation of photon generation in a microwave cavity with a time-dependent boundary condition. Our system is a microfabricated quarter-wave coplanar waveguide cavity. The electrical length of the cavity is varied by using the tunable inductance of a superconducting quantum interference device. It is measured at a temperature significantly less than the resonance frequency. When the length is modulated at approximately twice the static resonance frequency, spontaneous parametric oscillations of the cavity field are observed. Time-resolved measurements of the dynamical state of the cavity show multiple stable states. The behavior is well described by theory. Our results may be considered a preliminary step towards demonstrating the dynamical Casimir effect. Work done in collaboration with C.M. Wilson, T. Duty, M. Sandberg, F. Persson and V. Shumeiko.