Hybrid Quantum Circuit with a Superconducting Qubit coupled to a Spin Ensemble


P. Bertet

Invited Talk, Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada

Bridging the gap between quantum-optical and solid-state implementations of quantum information is currently one of the major challenges in the field. Microscopic quantum systems have long coherence times, whereas artificial superconducting atoms can be manipulated and entangled very rapidly and with high fidelity; it is therefore appealing to combine them to form “hybrid” quantum circuits. In a first set of experiments towards this goal, we have demonstrated the strong coupling between an ensemble of electronic spins and a frequency tunable superconducting resonator [1]. The spins are Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in a diamond crystal. I will also present recent experiments demonstrating the storage and retrieval of a small microwave field in the spin ensemble, as well as our current efforts to couple the spins to a superconducting qubit.