Workshop on "Quantum Machine Learning and Biomimetic Quantum Technologies", March 19-23, 2018, Bilbao, Spain


International Workshop on "Quantum Machine Learning and Biomimetic Quantum Technologies", March 19-23, 2018, in Bilbao (Spain). (Website of the event:

Dear Colleagues,
We are glad to announce the international Workshop on "Quantum Machine Learning and Biomimetic Quantum Technologies", which will take place on March 19-23, 2018, in Bilbao, Spain.

Following the successful series of events on quantum machine learning organized in South Africa, the aim of this workshop is to go one step further and gather experts and interested colleagues in interdisciplinary research areas: from classical machine learning to quantum machine learning and quantum artificial intelligence, from theoretical developments to experimental groups in quantum technologies, as well as from memristive systems to quantum memristors and neural networks. Our goal is to enhance the sharing of ideas and the discussion of how to implement these novel ideas in current quantum platforms. We would also like to explore the latest advances on quantum algorithms applied to quantum machine learning, and the use of classical machine learning algorithms, such as genetic algorithms or autoencoders, to facilitate quantum tasks. We also intend to tap the potential of bio-inspired quantum technologies, such as quantum memristors or quantum artificial intelligence, in order to develop and implement the aforementioned algorithms. We think it is time to approach the impressive theoretical developments in these fields with cutting-edge experiments in a variety of quantum technologies and explore the questions and motivations which prompt the investment in quantum technologies and, particularly, quantum machine learning, of companies coming from different fields.

The goal of the Workshop is, therefore, to bring together 
  • The major experts in quantum machine learning to discuss the last advances in this exponentially growing field.
  • Experts in classical machine learning, who can share their experience and motivate the community to address new problems.
  • Experimentalists in different quantum platforms to maximise the exchange of realistic ideas actually implementable with in short- and middle-term.
  • Companies from different industrial sectors with interest in quantum technologies, so they can share their motivations and inspire the community to work in useful questions. 

Website of the event: 

Contact mail: qml [dot] bqt [at] gmail [dot] com
The application procedure to participate in the conference is open until the 15th of December. It is performed via the email qml [dot] bqt [at] gmail [dot] com, including the following information:
  • Name, affiliation and homepage
  • Type of contribution (poster/talk), if any
  • Title and brief abstract
Please, keep in mind that the number of free slots for contributed talks is reduced, so only outstanding 
contributions with topics related to the goals of the conference will be accepted.
In January 2018, we will publish the list of accepted applicants and the conference program.
Invited speakers
Mohammad Amin (D-Wave Systems)
Alán Aspuru-Guzik* (Harvard University)
Jacob Biamonte (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)
Paolo Bianco (Airbus)
Hans Briegel (University of Innsbruck)
Jorge Casanova (Ulm University)
Raúl Casaña-Eslava (Liverpool John Moores University)
Lucas Céleri (University of Goiás)
Max Di Ventra (UC San Diego)
Yonatan Dubi (Ben Gurion University)
Vedran Dunjko (Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)
Joseph Fitzsimons (National University of Singapore)
Anthony Laing (Bristol University)
Seth Lloyd (MIT)
Norbert Lütke-Entrup* (Siemens)
José D. Martín-Guerrero (Universitat de València)
Sarah Mostame* (Intel)
Ramón Muñoz-Tapia (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)
Florian Neukart (Volkswagen)
Hartmut Neven* (Google QAI Lab)
Yasser Omar (Instituto de Telecomunicações)
Mauro Paternostro (Queen’s University Belfast)
Melika Payvand (ETH Zürich)
Sebastiano Peotta (Aalto University)
Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz (NASA Ames)
Borja Peropadre (Raytheon BBN Technologies)
Yuri V. Pershin* (University of South Carolina)
Paul Pfeiffer (Bernstein Zentrum für Computational Neuroscience Berlin)
Raphael Pooser (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
John Realpe-Gomez (NASA Ames)
Juan Carlos Retamal (USACH)
Diego Ristè (Raytheon BBN Technologies)
Maria Schuld (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Fabio Sciarrino (Sapienza Università di Roma)
João Seixas* (CERN/Instituto Superior Técnico)
Jacob Taylor (University of Maryland)
Kristan Temme (IBM Research)
Fabio L. Traversa (UC San Diego)
Matthias Troyer* (Microsoft)
Jean-Roch Vlimant (CERN)
Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zurich)
Göran Wendin (Chalmers University)
Nathan Wiebe (Microsoft)
Frank Wilhelm (Universität des Saarlandes)
Peter Wittek (ICFO)
Roberta Zambrini (IFISC)
*To be confirmed
We are looking forward to meeting you in Bilbao!
Best regards,
Organizing Committee
Mikel Sanz (Local Chair, University of the Basque Country)
Maria Schuld (International Chair, University of KuaZulu-Natal)
Enrique Solano (Local Chair, University of the Basque Country)
Francesco Petruccione (International Chair, University of KuaZulu-Natal)
Lucas Lamata (University of the Basque Country)
Yasser Omar (Instituto de Telecomunicações)
José D. Martín-Guerrero (Universitat de València)
Max di Ventra (UC San Diego)
Scientific Committee
Francesco Petruccione (University of KuaZulu-Natal)
Enrique Solano (University of the Basque Country)
Yasser Omar (Instituto de Telecomunicações)
Alexander Szameit (University of Rostock)
Jonas Bylander (Chalmers University)
Seth Lloyd (MIT)
Max di Ventra (UC San Diego)
Hans Briegel (University of Innsbruck)
José D. Martín-Guerrero (Universitat de València)