Double quantum-teleportation milestone is Physics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year


The Physics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year goes to Jian-Wei Pan and Chaoyang Lu of the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, for being the first to achieve the simultaneous quantum teleportation of two inherent properties of a fundamental particle – the photon.

Nine other achievements are highly commended and cover topics ranging from astronomy to medical physics:

- Cyclotron radiation from a single electron is measured for the first time
- Weyl fermions are spotted at long last
- Physicists claim 'loophole-free' Bell-violation experiment
- First visible light detected directly from an exoplanet
- LHCb claims discovery of two pentaquarks
- Hydrogen sulphide is warmest ever superconductor at 203 K
- Portable 'battlefield MRI' comes out of the lab
- Fermionic microscope sees first light
- Silicon quantum logic gate is a first

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