Physicist / system engineer

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µQuanS, Bordeaux, France
9 September, 2013


Phone: +33 556462797

General presentation

µQuanS is a young start-up company which proposes a new generation of ultra-high performance measurement instruments relying on the utilization of laser cooling, trapping and manipulation of neutral atoms. It is a spin-off of Observatoire de Paris and Institut d’Optique and the technology developed by µQuanS benefits from all the scientific expertise acquired by our 2 academic partners over the last 20 years.

Our current product portfolio includes:

• An absolute quantum gravimeter capable of measuring gravity with a relative accuracy of 10-9, dedicated to various geophysics applications.

• An atomic clock, which provides a time reference signal offering relative stability and accuracy close to 10-15 and dedicated to time metrology applications


You will be responsible for the development of our atomic clock. Your activities include :

  • participate to the design of the product : elaborate the system architecture, define the specifications of the system elements based on the performance objectives, optimize their design based on the characterisitics of available components.
  • Perform thorough characterization of the system elements and conduct system integration
  • Conduct detailed characterization of the atomic clock (short term and long term stability, accuracy) and optimize the instrument performances.

Education :

PhD in quantum physics

Skills and abilities :

Atom cooling, trapping and manipulation techniques, Quantum physics

An experience in metrology will be appreciated

Laser, electronics, microwave synthesis, ultra-high vacuum

Demonstrated interpersonal and leadership skills.​

Contact :

Bruno Desruelle, CEO of MUQUANS

Email : bruno [dot] desruelle [at] muquans [dot] com