PhD Thesis: Rare earth based optical-microwave quantum interface

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Saarland University
1 September, 2014


Universität des Saarlandes Saarbrücken
49° 14' 24.5652" N, 6° 59' 48.9588" E


PhD Thesis:

Rare earth based optical-microwave quantum interface


Picture of the rare-earth ion chip. The Er3+:Y2SiO5 crystal of 1 x 1.5 x 3 mm3 size is placed on the su-perconducting resonator. The magnetic field is applied along the chip surface. The atomic ensemble stores quantum state of the field. P. Bushev et al. PRB 84, 060501 (2011).

The novel program of Quantum Communications has recently started in Germany. Our group will play a leading role in developing a quantum interface between optical and microwave photons. The main idea of our research is to integrate a superconducting device working in the quantum regime with a spin ensemble of rare-earth ions (Er3+,Yb3+,Nd3+). There will be a lot of expensive and cool toys in our labs to play with, as an optical dilution fridge, microwave network analyzers, superconducting chips, telecom-wavelength lasers, fiber optics, microwave com-ponents, crystals and etc.

Applicants should have a university master or diploma degree in physics. Previous experience in optics and/or microwave and/or low temperature physics would be preferred but is not essential. The monthly salary is depending on research experience and is according to TV-L scale. Women are highly encouraged to apply!

Please join our research team!


Prof. Dr. Pavel Bushev über
Christina Werle
ch [dot] werle [at] mx [dot] uni-saarland [dot] de
Campus E 2.6 / Zimmer 2.16

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