PhD Positions in Quantum Communication

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Group of Applied Physics at the University of Geneva, Switzerland
30 April, 2017


University of Geneva Geneva
46° 12' 15.8076" N, 6° 8' 35.3688" E

PhD Positions in Quantum Communication

The Group of Applied Physics at the University of Geneva in Switzerland is one of the premier research institutions in the field of Quantum Information Science and Technology. The Quantum Repeater and Memory group led by Dr. Mikael Afzelius and Prof. Nicolas Gisin is inviting motivated people to apply for several open experimental PhD positions.

The candidates will work on the realization of state-of-the-art long-lived quantum memories for single photons based on rare-earth-ion doped crystals and the generation of entanglement between photons and rare-earth ions for quantum repeaters. The Group of Applied Physics has established itself as a leading laboratories in quantum memory/repeater research, with a speciality in developing solid-state light-matter interfaces at the quantum level. Research students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and may participate in multi-national, large-scale collaborative projects.

We seek bright and motivated international graduate students, with a strong background in coherent light-matter interactions/spectroscopy and quantum optics. The students should hold the equivalence of a European Masters diploma. A PhD degree takes about 4 years to obtain at University of Geneva.

For more information on the group visit:  Applications can be sent by email to mikael [dot] afzelius [at] unige [dot] ch. A complete application should include a CV, a short description of research interests, a list of courses (with grades) and at least two recommendation letters or the names of at least two potential referees and their relationship to the candidate.

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