PhD Positions (Competitive Funding)

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Newcastle University
12 March, 2015


Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
54° 58' 12.5076" N, 1° 36' 18.6948" W

We are inviting excellent UK/EU/international students to apply for PhD positions in theoretical quantum gases/fluids, with full funding anticipated, on a competitive basis, through the prestigious Newcastle University Doctoral Training Awards Scheme (

We have a very strong track record in theoretical quantum modelling, and form part of the Joint Quantum Centre Durham-Newcastle ( ).

Topics currently being proposed within our group include:

* Non-Equilibrium Quenched Phase Transitions (particularly in the context of Kibble-Zurek)

* Modelling for Quantum Technologies (mainly intended for ultracold atom interferometers under realistic experimental conditions, but scope is flexible)

* Quantum Optical Materials in Solid State (condensation of polaritons)

* Cooling of Quantum Gas Mixtures (Bose-Bose, Bose-Fermi and spinor condensates)

* Quantum Turbulence (ultracold atoms, liquid helium)

* Dipolar Gases (zero and finite temperatures)

and feature in most cases a short-term funded placement in a non-UK group (e.g. Antwerpen, Trento), with whom the supervisors have active collaborations.

In addition to the above, the nature of this scheme is such that successful applicants are strongly encouraged to direct and shape their own research, developing original topics and problems into an individual PhD research project supported by a world-class academic mentor, so topics in any area of quantum gases/fluids can be considered, based on applicant ideas.

If interested in applying for such a position, you are strongly enocouraged, in first instance, to contact Professor Nick Proukakis ( nikolaos [dot] proukakis [at] ncl [dot] ac [dot] uk ) informally. You are also encouraged to do this promptly (do not wait until the deadline of 12 March 2015), particularly as other sources of funding are available with various internal deadlines.

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