PhD position in quantum information processing with superconducting circuits

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Paul Scherrer Institute
30 April, 2021


Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen

We are looking for a PhD student for our bosonic quantum error correction research activity ( in the Quantum Technologies Group at the Paul Scherrer Institute, starting after March 2021.

In our research, we will develop new ways to store and manipulate quantum information in nonlinear superconducting oscillators. A key element of our work will be to make use of the many energy levels present in these oscillators to encode qubits that are intrinsically protected against errors. Part of our work will be to devise and implement new parametric processes in nonlinear quantum oscillators in order to stabilize the highly excited basis states of these qubits. Our goal is to explore both the promise of this approach for quantum computation and simulation, as well as its fundamental aspects in the context of out-of-equilibrium physics.

We are currently looking for a motivated student with experience or interest in circuit QED, quantum information processing, and nonlinear quantum optics. Over the course of the project she/he will acquire a wide range of experimental skills including:

  • Cryogenics and operation of dilution refrigerators
  • Microwave circuit design
  • Nanofabrication and characterization (lithography, growth and deposition, SEM, AFM, etc.)
  • Experimental control and data analysis software
  • Quantum measurement and control techniques

In addition, the student will be encouraged to participate in the theoretical developments associated with the project. The successful candidate should have good English language skills and a solid background in quantum mechanics. Prior experience in any of the techniques mentioned above is considered a plus. Interested candidates should send Alexander Grimm (alexander [dot] grimm [at] psi [dot] ch) a CV and brief description of why you'd like to work with us.