PhD position in Quantum Communications Networks

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University of Leeds
30 April, 2017


University of Leeds
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT
United Kingdom
Phone: 1133439406
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A PhD position is available on the enabling technologies for long-distance trust-free QKD networks. This is one of the 15 positions available at the innovative training network QCALL (Quantum Communications for ALL), funded by the EU Marie-Sklodowska Curie Programme. These are very well-funded doctoral positions with annual salaries plus allowance roughly ranging from €52,000-€58,000 in Leeds. You will be employed by the University of Leeds for three years. Your PhD tuition fees will also be waived by the University. All QCALL projects are collaborative and a number of secondments and visits have been arranged for each project. You will also benefit from dedicated schools and workshops organised by the network. For more information about the QCALL network, please visit For information about the eligibility criteria, please visit here.


In this project, the structure at the “backbone” of future generations of hybrid quantum-classical networks, in which quantum repeaters are in use, will be investigated. The first generations of quantum repeaters require, among other things, high-performance quantum memory modules for their operation. In network setups, it is important to identify how such valuable resources are being used to maximise the performance at the minimal cost. In this project, relevant protocols for entanglement distribution in 2D network setups, where a fixed number of memories are utilised in each node, are developed. We investigate the optimal distribution of resources to meet certain design criteria. For more information, please visit the project page.


In order to apply, follow these three steps:

  • 1. Fill out the application form.
  • 2. Apply for a PhD position at the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds via the following link:
    Please specify that your PhD application is for the ESR position 8 of QCALL. By the end of this application you will receive a student ID number. Save this for the next step.
  • 3. Now, apply to the job advert  on with reference number ENGEE1056 making sure that your student ID is mentioned on relevant documents.
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