PhD position on Nonequilibrium Quantum Dynamics of Multi Component Ultracold Gases

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University of Hamburg
31 March, 2021


University of Hamburg, Center for Optical Quantum Technologies
Luruper Chaussee 149
Hamburg 22761

The theory group on 'Fundamental Processes in Quantum Physics' at the Center for Optical Quantum
Technologies of the University of Hamburg announces a PhD position in theoretical physics.
Quantum many-body physics of multi-component ultracold bosonic/fermionic systems is at the focus of
current experimental and theoretical research. Understanding the dynamical response of such strongly
correlated systems and creating long-lived metastable states of high functionality represents an
intriguing perspective in the field. In this project the PhD student will explore the nonequilibrium
quantum dynamics of ultracold mixtures which are relevant to the research carried out within the cluster
of excellence 'The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging'. The goal of the doctoral training is to gain a
deep understanding of the dynamics of such quantum systems with the aim of engineering novel states
of quantum matter by means of state-of-the-art numerical methods.
The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging promotes strongly interdisciplinary research (for further
information see The centre offers a stimulating
and exciting atmosphere in an international environment and unique opportunities for PhD students
through its graduate school a rich guest programme, excellent education, collaboration on forefront
research topics and organisation of scientific events are offered.
For further information on our research group and its scientific activities see
We are looking for strongly motivated and highly skilled students who share the excitement of doing
theoretical research with a close link to corresponding experiments.

To apply, please send a meaningful CV (including the names of 2 potential references) with a cover letter
to pschmelc [at] physnet [dot] uni-hamburg [dot] de.
Salaries are paid according to the German standards ( Recruitment will continue until the position is