Associate professor/senior lecturer in theoretical physics/mathematical physics or mathematics

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University of Gdansk
13 July, 2015


University of Gdansk Gdansk
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INSTITUTION: University of Gdansk
CITY: Gdansk, Poland
POSITION: “adiunkt” – equivalent to: associate professor/senior lecturer
POSTED: 10 June 2015
EXPIRES: 13 July 2015
KEY WORDS: theoretical physics, mathematical physics or mathematics
DESCRIPTION (field of scientific activity, what is expected from the candidate):
It is expected that the candidate should possess a well-documented experience within one or more of the research areas of the Institute. These are:

  • Theory of quantum information: quantum cryptography, entangled states, bound entanglement, entanglement measures, quantum information processing, thermodynamics of information processing, quantum channels, quantum computation.
  • Mathematical physics: quantum and classical dynamics, noncommutative dynamical entropy, decoherence, positive and completely positive operations, quantum correlations.
  • Models of complex systems: cellular automata in simulation of physical, economic and social phenomena, nonlinear dynamics, chaos and fractals, analysis of time sequences, percolation.
  • Atomic and molecular physics: collisions, interactions, energetic structure
  • Interaction of light with atomic systems: stationary and time dependent excitations, kinetic effects induced by light, influence of magnetic fields on excitation and propagation
  • Foundation of quantum mechanics: quantum interferometry, Bell inequalities, quantum communication, reduction of communication complexity, quantum teleportation
  • Astrophysics: physics of the interstellar medium.

Additional Requirements:

  • Ph. D., or a higher degree
  • Three or more recommendation letters (not form University of Gdansk).
  • Detailed CV, with a publication list as of Web of Knowledge ( in the form of “citation report”, visits in foreign institutions, stipends (awarded, no necessarily actually delivered to the candidate), work in externally funded grants (e.g., by NCN, FNP, UE, ERC), and especially list of research grants in which the candidate was/is the principal investigator.
  • Declaration on candidate’s ability to start teaching ad lecturing (from 1.10.2015) courses of physics and mathematics in which the Institute specializes. The stress should be on courses currently taught by the person who’s retirement allows this opening (the name of the person can be given to the candidate upon request, to make possible consultations).
  • An interview with the candidate is expected (one hour). The actual timing is negotiable with the Selection Comission. The interview will cover the readiness to deliver appropriate courses in physics and/or mathematics, research plans, and plans for getting external funding for research. The interview may be done using teleconferencing techniques.

Candidates should submit the following documents:
1. Application to Rector of UG,
2. Scientific CV,
3. List of publications,
4. Personal questionnaire,
5. Copy of the PhD diploma, or habilitation diploma,
6. Declaration that UG will be the first (main) employer.
7. Declaration on candidate’s ability to start teaching ad lecturing (from 1.10.2015) courses of physics and mathematics in which the Institute specializes.
8. Recommendation letters

Application should submitted to Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, University of Gdańsk, Wita Stwosza 57, 80-952 Gdańsk-Oliwa, Poland.
Phone: (48 58) 523-2230; e-mail: fizetb [at] ug [dot] edu [dot] pl. Possible questions should be sent to the above address.

Deadline of applications: 13 July 2015 r.

The acceptance note will be announced up to 30 July 2015. Successful candidate will start at the position on October 1, 2015.

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