Crystalline Mirror Solutions

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Crystalline Mirror Solutions, or CMS, was founded as an Offene Gesellschaft (OG) in January 2012 and transitioned to a limited liability corporation (or Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH) in August 2013, as a spin-off of ongoing research within the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna and the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ).

Our crystalline coating technology emerged as an off-shoot from research focused on macroscopic quantum phenomena in microfabricated mechanical systems. After consulting by INiTS (a Viennese business incubator of the City Vienna, the University of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna), CMS received initial financing both by the AWS-operated JITU pre-seed program of the BMWFJ and by the newly established Proof of Concept initiative of the European Research Council (ERC). With prototypes constructed and successfully demonstrated via a collaborative effort with partners from the University of Vienna and JILA, the joint institute of the University of Colorado at Boulder and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we began taking initial orders in late summer 2013.


Seestadtstraße 27
48° 13' 27.4296" N, 16° 30' 25.7904" E
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