Theoretical Group on Quantum Transport on the Nanoscale

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Quantum transport in quantum dot arrays and low

dimensional systems : 

Long range charge, spin and qubit transfer at the nanoscale.

Effect of hyperfine and spin orbit interactions: spin decoherence and relaxation.

Quantum transport of strongly correlated electrons.

Quantum charge and spin transfer in low dimensional systems with non trivial topology.

AC driven transport in nanostructures:

Topological properties of ac driven systems at the nanoscale.

Electron spin resonance in quantum dot arrays.

Photoassisted long range charge, spin and qubit transport in nanostructures.

Coupled quantum circuits:

Quantum charge detection and feedback in nanodevices.

Majorana Fermions:

Fractional Josephson effect.

Floquet Majorana Fermions.

Gloria Platero


Instituto de Ciencia e Materiales de Madrid (CSIC)
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 3
Cantoblanco, Madrid 28049
Phone: 0034913349046