Solid State Physics Group - INFN sez. Torino

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Research Type: 

The group works on the micro-fabrication of diamond, with a particular emphasis on integrated diamond devices for quantum information processing.



The group is mainly involved in the following research fields: 


- Ion beam modification of materials

- Ion implantation and fabrication of color centers in wide band-gap materials

- Single-ion implantation detection

- Fabrication and processing, and optical/electrical characterization of solid state devices

- Optical- and electrical control and stimulation of single-photon sources in diamond

- Quantum sensing with NV centers in diamond

Jacopo Forneris


Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Sez. Torino
via P. Giuria 1
Torino 10125
45° 3' 7.4448" N, 7° 40' 53.1984" E
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