Solid state BEC

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The group studies Bose-Einstein condensates of excitons and exciton-polaritons in various crystal structures. We are particularly interested in application of bosonic condensates for realisation of the exciton-mediated superconductivity. Our research paves way to realisation of quantum simulators based on the gratings of trapped exciton-polariton condensates linked by Josephson and radiative coupling. Some of materials we study allow for the room temperature function (in particular, ZnO, transition metal dichalcogenides). The group is a world leading expert in the Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluidity of light-matter quasiparticles: exciton-polaritons. We collaborate with IBM (Zurich) on realisation of photonic switches for quantum optial integrated circuits. We perform experiments on superconductivity in novel structures and materials including LAO/STO, ZnO/ZnMgO, conventional 2D superconductors. We aim at building a solid state quantum simulator operating at room temperature.

Alexey Kavokin


viale del Politechnico
Rome 00133
Phone: +393891937386
41° 51' 19.8756" N, 12° 37' 14.34" E
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