Quantum transport and nanodevices group

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Research Type: 
  • Quantum transport in topological systems
  • Spintronics and Spincaloritronics in nanodevices
  • Transport properties in fractional quantum Hall systems and Luttinger liquids
  • Non-equilibrium many-body systems
  • Quantum thermodynamics in out-of-equilibrium systems
  • Energy exchange in driven dissipative quantum systems
  • Quantum heat and spin transport in topological insulators
  • Electron quantum optics
  • Geometric and holonomic manipulation of quantum systems
  • Quantum quench
  • Quantum sensors and NEMS
Maura Sassetti (University of Genoa and CNR-SPIN) and Paolo Solinas (CNR-SPIN)


Physics Department, University of Genoa
Via Dodecaneso 33
Genoa 16146
44° 24' 6.1956" N, 8° 58' 8.7888" E
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