Quantum Information Team at Telecom ParisTech

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Research Type: 
  • Practical Quantum Key Distribution: QKD networks (architecture, protocols, topological optimization), practical key distillation, integration into security architectures, Side-channels and security certification of QKD devices
  • Theoretical Quantum Cryptography:  QKD security proofs, Post-Quantum Security Models (noisy storage...) , Non-QKD Quantum Crypto Prtotocols (secret sharing, etc...), Device-Independent Quantum Crypto
  • Experimental Quantum Cryptography: Implementations of Continuous Variable QKD, Coin Flipping, Secret Sharing with a few qudits
  • Theory of Entanglement: link with statistical physics, symmetries.
  • Measurement-based Quantum Computation
  • Network and Information Security (even non-quantum !)


Romain Alléaume


Telecom ParisTech Dept. INFRES / CNRS LTCI
37/39, rue Dareau
Paris 75014
48° 49' 51.312" N, 2° 20' 12.2496" E
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