(Quantum) Electron Optics and Microscopy group at NANO-S3 (Modena)

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The (Quantum)  Electron Optics and Microscopy  group at NANO-S3 (Modena) is a group that starting from electron microscopy is trying to develope quantum measurments with electrons. The basis is the large developement of optics and quantum optics for light. The idea is that such developements can be brought to the measurements with electrons with the proespct of measureing new quantities on atomic scale.

For this reason our group is collaborating with the group of optics at the university of Ottawa ( prof. Karimi and Boyd)  and the group of electron microscopy at Forschungcentrum Juelich (germany) (prof.  Dunin-Borkowski)  for a joint effort in this direction.

The main expretize of this group is in the theory and fabrication of electron holograms fr electron beam shaping, theory and fabrication of new electron-optical elements based on em fields, thery and application of electron vortex beams and simulation of spin effects in electron microscopy.



Vincenzo Grillo


44° 38' 49.6608" N, 10° 55' 30.8172" E
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