Joint Quantum Centre

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Experimental projects

  • Rydberg atoms (Adams)
  • Quantum optics in thermal vapours (Adams, Hughes)
  • Ultracold dipolar molecules (Cornish)
  • Tunable BEC & bright matter-wave solitons (Cornish)
  • Two-species quantum degenerate gases (Cornish)
  • Ultracold strontium & Rydberg physics (Jones)
  • Slow light and nonlinear optics (Hughes)
  • Magnetic decelerator for molecules (Carty)

Theory projects

  • Quantum Fluids and Superfluid Turbulence (Gardiner)
  • Quantum Computation (Kendon)
Charles S. Adams / Simon L. Cornish


Department of Physics, Durham University
South Road
Durham DH1 3LE
United Kingdom
54° 45' 39.1968" N, 1° 34' 54.9192" W
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