Condensed Matter Theory

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The theory group in Quantum many-body systems carries out research that ranges from the development of methods (Quantum Monte Carlo, Dynamical Mean-Field, Theory, Gutzwiller) to the investigation of a variety of systems spanning the most active research lines of modern condensed matter theory, from high-temperature superconductors to nanoscale devices including many other materials, heterostructures and model systems. An important part of our research is devoted to the non-equilibrium properties of these systems, and to Quantum Annealing/Adiabatic Quantum Computation. The group has strong ties with the Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics group at the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) lead by Prof. Rosario Fazio. Researchers involved: Giuseppe E. Santoro santoro [at] sissa [dot] it Michele Fabrizio fabrizio [at] sissa [dot] it Massimo Capone capone [at] sissa [dot] it Sandro Sorella sorella [at] sissa [dot] it Alessandro Silva silva [at] sissa [dot] it Erio Tosatti tosatti [at] sissa [dot] it

Giuseppe E. Santoro


International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)
Via Bonomea 265
Trieste 34134
45° 39' 45.4788" N, 13° 47' 10.1148" E
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