Cold Atoms in Bordeaux

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The research teams of LP2N collectively known as "Cold Atoms in Bordeaux " are devoted to the use of atomic waves, either to exploit the unrivaled sensitivity of matter wave interferometers or to develop simulators where the atoms are used to study the transport properties and propagation.

A research axis on "light and matter in artificial media" aims to understand the origin of the unexpected behavior of electrons in semiconductors, which is often linked to the quantum description of the dynamics of electrons and their fundamental wave behavior. This research exploits the new opportunities of manipulation of cold atoms offered by the completion of quantum degeneracy in optical traps for atomic mixtures, eg mixtures between bosons and fermions.

A research axis on "nano-optics and quantum systems" aims to the study phenomena using not only photons but also the atoms in the regime where the wave properties play a fundamental role. The objective is to achieve similar structures than in nanophotonic systems for atom optics and even go beyond by developing new hybrid quantum devices and extending guided atom optics concepts.

A research axis on "metrology and industrial partnerships" focuses on inertial sensors with the objective to overcome current limits while reducing their experimental complexity. Beyond the technological development, the challenge is to detect and reconstruct precisely the gravitational field to access the density structure of the Earth and its possible variations. This is in particular the objective of the EQUIPEX MIGA, with applications ranging from geophysics, volcanology , the study of natural resources, oceanography and hydrology but also to develop new methods to detect gravitational waves.

Projects :

Atom Interferometry

MIGA (National project)
A. Bertoldi, P. Bouyer, B. Canuel

ICE (collaboration with SYRTE)
B. Barret, B. Battelier, P. Bouyer

AICHIP (collaboration with SYRTE and LCAR)
B. Battelier, P. Bouyer

Metrology and development

B. Battelier, P. Bouyer

B. Barret, B. Battelier, P. Bouyer

B. Battelier, P. Bouyer

Ultracold atoms

S. Bernon , A. Bertoldi, P. Bouyer

S. Bernon , A. Bertoldi, P. Bouyer


Philippe Bouyer


Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine
rue Francois Mitterrand
Talence 33400
44° 48' 9.4104" N, 0° 35' 16.9944" W
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