Young Atom Opticians conference (YAO) in Paris, 16 - 21 July 2017

2017-07-16 - 2017-07-21
Registration deadline: 
2017-03-15 (All day)
Paris, France

Dear colleagues,

The 2017 edition of the Young Atom Opticians conference (YAO) will take place from the 16th to 21st July 2017 at the Ecole Normale Superieure campus in the center of Paris, France.

The YAO conference is an annual international meeting of young researchers in the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics. Organized by PhD students, it provides post-docs, PhD and Master students the chance to present their research work to an audience of peers as well as the opportunity to discuss with fellow students in an international lively atmosphere.

The topics covered by the conference include cavity QED, quantum optics, quantum gases, quantum simulation, quantum information, quantum metrology, precision spectroscopy with atoms and molecules, cold molecules, and Rydberg physics.

Applications are now open. More information can be found on our website:

Please forward this e-mail to colleagues and students who might be interested.

Best regards,

Eva-Katharina Dietsche
On behalf of the YAO2017 organization team
Contact: yao2017 [at] lkb [dot] ens [dot] fr