Workshop on quantum networks

2016-03-30 - 2016-04-01
Registration deadline: 
2016-03-30 (All day)
Barcelona, Spain

We are organising a workshop on quantum networks sponsored by the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXI) under the project "Quantum Bayesian networks: the physics of nonlocal events”. The workshop will take place in Barcelona from 30 March to 1 April.

Causality is a crucial concept for our understanding of nature. In relativity, the objective properties of a system are dictated by the causal relations between events in spacetime. While quantum mechanical predictions comply with relativity, objective properties do not satisfy the same causal relations—the phenomenon known as non-locality. Quantum mechanics is consistent with special relativity at an operational level but appears to violate it at an ontological level. This reveals a deep subtlety in the way that quantum theory and relativity co-exist. Understanding this subtlety will be crucial to understanding how physical theories lead to a notion of things happening through the language of causality. The aim of the workshop is to explore all these different concepts, bringing together researchers interested in causality within quantum physics.

There will be five invited speakers:

Jonathan Barrett
Cyril Branciard
Giulio Chiribella
Dominik Janzing
Rob Spekkens

In addition, we anticipate accepting additional contributed talks and posters.

The workshop webpage is: Registration and abstract submission will be open soon.

We hope you find the workshop of your interest and are able to attend.

We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona!

Antonio Acin
Rafael Chaves
Matty Hoban
Raymond Lal


41° 23' 6.2304" N, 2° 10' 24.2544" E
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