Varenna School on "Atom Interferometry"

2013-07-15 - 2013-07-20
Varenna, Italy

The Italian Physical society will hold a course on "Atom Interferometry" on next July within the international School of physics "Enrico Fermi" in Varenna. The course will be directed by M. Kasevich and G. Tino. The goal of the School is providing young physicists with an overview of atom interferometry physics and current and future projects. The bulk of the lectures will focus on the basics of matter-wave interferometry, experimental schemes, ultracold atoms and atom optics. Ongoing experiments will be presented in dedicated seminars. The School will then be very timely since no specific school was organized on this topic and the main reference text for atom interferometry dates back to 1996. The proceedings will certainly become the main updated reference in this field.

Deadline for applications is on April 29. Further information on the course can be found at the following link:


Villa Monastero at Varenna, on Lake Como Varenna