Third Conference on Quantum Thermodynamics

2015-10-11 - 2015-10-16
Registration deadline: 
2015-05-01 (All day)
Porquerolles Island, France


The discovery of the principles of thermodynamics for classical systems was a great advance of 19th century physics. However, for quantum systems, the role of these principles are still very poorly understood. In recent years there have been great advances in the control and observation of heat, work and information in experiments on quantum systems. These provide an ideal testbed for the theories of quantum thermodynamics, and will help clarify the definition and interplay of entropy, information, heat and work in quantum mechanics.

This conference is gathering experts in the fields of quantum thermodynamics and quantum information, both theorists and experimentalists. The goal of the event is to foster crossed fertilization between the different communities.  Potential experiments in the field will be particularly considered, building on the wide range of devices able to process quantum information, whose recent developments have been spectacular.

Tutorials :
Jens Eisert (Berlin, Germany), Massimiliano Esposito (Luxembourg, Luxembourg), Frank Hekking (Grenoble, France), Eric Lutz (Erlangen, Germany), Jean-Michel Raimond (Paris, France), Killian Singer (Mainz, Germany)


Invited talks: Janet Anders (Exeter, UK), Anne Anthore (Marcoussis, France), Markus Aspelmeyer  (Vienna, Austria), Ronald Hanson (Delft, The Nederlands), Göran Johansson (Chalmers, Sweden), Jonne Koski (Aalto, Finland), Ahsan Nazir (Manchester, UK), Juan Parrondo (Madrid, Spain), Irfan Siddiqi (Berkeley, USA) Janine Splettstoesser (Chalmers, Sweden), Masahito Ueda (Tokyo, Japan)



Porquerolles Island
46° 13' 39.4968" N, 2° 12' 49.4964" E
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