Rydberg Quantum Simulators workshop

2015-03-11 - 2015-03-13
Registration deadline: 
2015-01-31 (All day)
Aarhus University

Conference description

Quantum Simulators provide new levels of understanding of equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium properties of many-body quantum systems -- one of the most challenging problems in physics. Rydberg atoms, due to their outstanding versatility, hold a potential to perform a great variety of useful quantum simulations. Exploiting different aspects of the same experimental and theoretical tools, a whole family of Rydberg Quantum Simulators can address both the coherent and incoherent dissipative dynamics of many-body quantum systems, with potential applications in the understanding and design of artificial light harvesting systems, large quantum systems with controlled decoherence, and novel materials. This workshop will discuss the latest development in the Rydberg atom physics and quantum simulators, focusing on novel generic approaches to quantum simulation, where Rydberg atoms will allow both digital (gate) and analog (interaction) simulations.


List of Speakers:
Philippe Grangier
Tommaso Calarco
Thomas Pohl
Johannes Zeiher
Alex Glätzle
Wolfgang Lechner
Pierre Pillet
 Karl Jansen
Immanuel Bloch
Thomas Pohl
Oliver Morsch
David Petrosyan
Jacob Sherson
Pinja Haikka
Charles Adams
Robert Spreeuw
Christine Koch
Servaas Kokkelmans
Klaus Mølmer
Matthias Weidemüller
Sebastian Gleyzes
Johannes Deiglmayr
Matthias Troyer
Hans-Peter Büchler
Sebastian Hofferberth
Juan Garrahan
Nicolai Lang
Gabriela S. Schlau-Cohen 
Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler
Shannon Whitlock
Fabio Mezzacapo


Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS),Buildings 1630-1632,
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B
Aarhus C 8000
56° 9' 50.8824" N, 10° 12' 25.3728" E
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