Quantum Machine Learning Workshop in South Africa 18-22 July 2016

2016-07-18 - 2016-07-22
Dolphin Coast, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Quantum Machine Learning is a newly emerging interdisciplinary research area investigating how quantum information can solve pattern recognition tasks in machine learning. It draws on other related fields such as quantum algorithms, quantum optimisation and quantum probability theory. 
The South African Quantum Machine Learning Meetings provide a platform to discuss, share, and present  ideas related to quantum machine learning. The first event will be a Workshop held in the Palm Dune Beach Lodge at the Dolphin Coast 18-22 July 2016. Set in the stunning South African landscape it aims at creating an intimate and productive atmosphere to explore the potential and challenges of combining quantum information with data science.
A further goal of the Quantum Machine Learning Meetings is to lay the foundation for a joint monograph on the topic to which the participants are encouraged to contribute.
For further information, please visit www.quantummachinelearning.org or send an email to schuld [at] ukzn [dot] ac [dot] za.


Palm Dune Beach Lodge
9 Umvoti Drive
Blythedale Beach 4450
South Africa