Quantum Information and Measurement (QIM)

2012-03-19 - 2012-03-21
Berlin, Germany

Quantum information is an exciting, rapidly growing area of scientific interest and development, attracting cutting-edge theoretical and experimental research worldwide. Its rapid development gave birth to a number of novel quantum applications that provide totally new perspective in many areas of quantum measurement and technology.

Optical methods play a key role in many implementations of quantum information and quantum technology. The conference topics will cover theoretical development and experimental implementation of qubits and quantum gates using optical, semiconductor, atomic, superconducting, and hybrid environments. Special emphasis will be given to creative ideas targeting quantum information applications and techniques such as quantum metrology and sensors, quantum communication and networking, quantum memories and routers, quantum imaging, etc.


52° 31' 27.3648" N, 13° 24' 22.644" E
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