QuAMP Summer School 2012 (Quantum Atomic, Molecular, and Plasma Physics)

2012-09-09 - 2012-09-13
Belfast (Northern Ireland)


Quantum Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics

Belfast (United Kingdom), 9-13 September 2012

website: http://web.am.qub.ac.uk/quamp2012/index.html

The 2012 QUAMP summer school is organised at Queen’s University of Belfast, 9-13 September 2012. It is aimed at PhD students and young postdocs with interests in atomic and molecular physics as well as quantum optics and quantum information.

Deadline for registration and payment: 31 July 2012

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for a poster contribution.

Invited speakers include:

  • Sougato Bose (University College London)
  • Tobias Donner (ETH Zürich)
  • Tom Field (Queen's University Belfast)
  • Sylvain Gigan (Institut Langevin)
  • Jimena Gorfinkiel (Open University)
  • Jason Greenwood (Queen's University Belfast)
  • Otfried Gühne (University of Siegen)
  • Selim Jochim (University of Heidelberg)
  • Nella Laricchia (University College London)
  • Jim McCann (Queen's University Belfast)
  • Paul McKenna (Strathclyde)
  • Andrew Murray (University of Manchester)
  • Matteo Paris (University of Milan)
  • Ivan Powis (University of Nottingham)
  • John Rarity (University of Bristol)
  • Steve Rose (Imperial College)
  • Jacob Sherson (Aarhus University)
  • Emma Sokell (University College Dublin)
  • Christine Silberhorn (University of Paderborn)
  • Ken Taylor (Queen's University Belfast)


  • Fred Currell
  • Gabriele De Chiara
  • Jason Greenwood
  • Jim McCann
  • Mauro Paternostro
  • Hugo van der Hart
  • Matthew Zepf


Queen's University Belfast Belfast BT7 1NN
United Kingdom
54° 35' 1.9068" N, 5° 56' 5.1324" W
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